Along with running a catering and hospitality business, the Spečina family is also engaged in hunting and sea-fishing activities.
They combine them with their catering and hospitality business, so the guests can often find typical istrian specialties made with fresh and genuine products.We suggest typical local dishes such as the istrian pasta, venison, grilled fish, risotto with mushrooms or scrambled eggs with asparagus. 


Since all members of the Spečina family are fond of fishing and hunting, they will know how to welcome and advise all those who share their same passion. Laco is located in an area that many hunters and fishermen might find very attractive. The vicinity of the sea is a great advantage for those who love fishing. As for the hunters, the nearest hunting areas are only 5-15 km away from the accommodation. 

Excursions and trips

All those who like walking or cycling in natural surroundings will find a perfect ambient in the proximity of the boarding house: mediterranean macchia, oak and evergreen woods, open fields, vineyards and olive groves will offer a unique experience.